Services - Home Services

New Boiler Installation

Heat Plan Utilities are able to offer installations of new boilers and central heating systems throughout the UK as well as offering a wide variety of other services. For more information

Boiler Servicing

It is highly recommended that you have all gas appliances serviced once a year to ensure that they are working efficiently and safely. For more information

Emergency Boiler Repairs

With your boiler often being the most important appliance in your home, the impact of a breakdown can be very distressing and inconvenient. We know that when your boiler breaks down, you want things back to normal as soon as possible. For more information

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers are now capable of doing practically everything that their gas counterparts can do and if you live in a area with no access to mains gas, oil-fired central heating is often the right choice for you. For more information

LPG Boilers

Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a mixture of butane and propane stored under moderate pressure. Its use is on the rise in the UK especially in areas where there is no access to mains gas. LPG takes far less space to store than oil and so many customers who have previously used oil-fired systems have made the switch to LPG. For more information

Electric Boilers

Electric heating is a new and innovative option which is becoming more popular in the UK. For homes with no access to mains gas, electricity has become a viable option. In addition, electric boilers do not require any flues or exhaust vents which means that they can be installed without disturbing the walls or roofs of the building. For more information

Gas Boilers

The gas boiler is the most important part of a central heating system. It's like a big fire that has a continuous supply of gas streaming into it from a pipe that goes out to a gas main in the street. When you want to heat your home, you switch on the boiler with an electric switch. For more information

Services - Landlord Services

Landlord Boiler Installation

As a landlord, you have your work cut out for you and at Heat Plan Utilities, we aim to make the process of installing a new boiler as straightforward as possible. We will communicate directly with you tenant to arrange the building survey and then contact you with the quotation. Once you are happy to proceed, we will continue to liaise with your tenant throughout the installation process so you have nothing to worry about. For more information

Landlord Boiler Cover

At Heat Plan Utilities, we know that being a landlord can be stressful occupation. That’s why we are dedicated to ensuring that you have one less thing to worry about when it comes to the heating in your property. We do not charge extra for landlord cover compared to our standard residential packages and we include the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate at no additional charge. For more information

Landlord Boiler Servicing and Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord, you will know the importance of regular maintenance to help prevent expensive repair bills. And, of course, there is a legal requirement to ensure that all gas appliances fitted in a rented-out property are inspected annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. For more information

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