Landlord Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

As a landlord, you have certain responsibilities to your tenants one of which is to ensure that the gas supply and appliances are safe to use and are working properly. This includes all gas appliances which are installed in the property that were provided by you. In order to prove that you have carried out the necessary safety checks on gas equipment, you are required to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate every year. To find out more about this, click here.
Prices can vary considerably depending on who you use but at Heat Plan Utilities, we do not charge any extra for providing you with a Gas Safety Certificate when we perform a service on your boiler.
The current standard penalty for non-compliance with the Gas Safety Regulations is a £6,000 per appliance and/or 6 months imprisonment. Not having an up to date Gas Safety Certificate will also usually invalidate your landlord insurance.
You are not responsible for appliances which are provided by your tenants, however, you will still be responsible for the gas pipework to which the appliance is connected.
Only Gas Safe registered engineers are permitted to carry out gas safety inspections and provide Gas Safety Certificates.
Yes, the law requires you to provide a copy to your tenant.

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