Sole Trader (non-limited)

If you are interested to join us, Please fill in the following form.

    SECTION 1 – Engineer’s Details

    SECTION 2 – Trades Covered, Availability & Experience

    Pest Control

    Please tick days as appropriate. Hours are to be specified as either 24 hours or working time i.e. 8am-5pm.


    SECTION 3 - Trading Details

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    Van Size

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    Are you interested in Van Branding?


    * Van advertising acquires extra income for the contractor. The current rates are £25 per month for small vans and £50 per month for medium/ large vans.

    Sole Trader Details

    SECTION 4 – Bank Details

    SECTION 5 – Address History & DBS Consent

    Due to the nature of works undertaken and potential contact with vulnerable groups, all engineers undertaking work for Home Response Direct will need to have a standard DBS check carried out on their behalf.

    For Home Response Direct to apply for a DBS certificate on your behalf, we require the following:

    • Address history for the last 5 years, if address provided in Section 1 is less than 5 years.
    • Consent for Home Response Direct to obtain a DBS on your behalf.


    I, the applicant named below confirm my consent for Home Response Direct to apply for a DBS certificate on my behalf, that all the information provided in relation to my DBS application is true and I can corroborate this by providing the necessary documentation to confirm my identity (acceptable documentation list attached).
    I understand that by signing below, I confirm I have read the above DBS consent statement, the information I have provided is true and I am happy to proceed. I am consenting to Home Response Direct undertaking a DBS check on my behalf and agree for the sum of £40.00 to be taken from my first payment to cover the cost.

    SECTION 6 – Application Completion

    Upload Documents

    Please submit your completed contractor application form, with the completed relevant skills checklists for the trade(s) you wish to cover, identity documentation required for DBS application, valid public liability insurance (to a minimum level of £5m), evidence of all industry standard/governing body qualifications, trade memberships and health and safety/asbestos awareness that are relevant to your application. By submitting this application, you agree that Home Response Direct can store your personal information in line with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018.